Uses for Online Mediation:

Can you help us from a distance?

Yes! We use Zoom Video Conferencing software to bring people together from anywhere in the world. If one party or more parties are local, often the party or parties are present with the mediator while the other party, or parties, are connected via video conferencing. 

What areas of mediation can you practice from a distance?

  • Divorce and Family. The process of divorce is very similar for all states. We can create parenting plans, settlement agreements, mediate conflict over custody, or help with post divorce issues like parenting plan modifications. We will assist you in finding attorneys or paralegals to complete your documents for the courts. If parties are close to a local Genesis Mediation office, and if time is limited, the Divorce in a Day option might be available. 
  • Business. Business can be conducted in many states or countries. Genesis can help with conflict with business partners or staff anywhere in the world. 
  • Non-Profit. Non-profits can be national or global, just like a business. As we help businesses with staff or partners anywhere in the world, we can also help non-profits.
  • Estate. Rarely does the entire family live close together in one community. We work face to face with family members who are available while contacting the remaining family members via phone or video conference. At the mediation, we can video conference in the distant family member or members. 
  • Couples and Family. We have conducted both couple and family mediations through phone or video conferencing. In today’s world of technology, more and more people are connecting with FaceTime or Skype. Face to face is usually best, but video conferencing can be a close second!

Our sister company, The Decision Tree of Aging, can assist families with aging parents. 

How Can We Help?

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