Randy Kinnison and Genesis Consulting have made a huge impact on our work and culture at the Luis Palau Association.  Over the course of several years, Randy guided our leadership team into better ways of working together, valuing our teammates, dealing with conflict, and developing a more effective strategic planning process.  We couldn’t recommend Randy and Genesis more highly.

Kevin Palau, LPA, Luis Palau Association

“If relationships with your non-profit board, or most trusted business associates seem to be going sour, and you feel all alone…who you gonna call?  Make sure it’s Dr. Randall Kinnison of Genesis Mediation, because his vast expertise as a mediator over many years with for-profit, and non-profit organizations will move you from despair…to a place of reconciliation and repair!”

Bill MacLeod, Mission ConneXion

“While serving as a trustee of a Christian school, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Kinnison and Dave with Genesis Mediation to resolve a conflict between the board of trustees and a group of parents. Their ability to listen to each side objectively and guide both parties through the mediation process was a tremendous blessing. We were able to work through challenging issues and come to a place of resolution. Engaging Genesis Mediation to help resolve the conflict was the best decision we made.”

Gina Tsague, PCS